Curly hair: Air dry or blow dry?

Air Dry or Blow Dry

This is one of the oldest curly haired questions in the book. If you’re bestowed with straight hair, then the big debate between air drying or blow drying curly locks has probably passed you by, but if you’re part of the ringleted squad, you have likely navigated your way to one side of the fence or the other by now. But which is better for your hair, or do they have an equal place in your hair care routine?

Here our resident beauty expert Jenny Morrell dives into the Air Dry vs Blow Dry debate and how you can make both work for you…

Allowing your hair to air dry naturally will not only save it from any heat damage, it will also let your locks do what they naturally want to do (especially with the prep you have now done to help them out!) Having said that, on occasions when you want to create more of an “evening look” (we will be let out again one day!) or you simply need to dry your hair off more quickly, make sure when using a hairdryer that you always opt for a cool setting and invest in a diffuser. Try to keep your hands out of the hair as much as possible while it’s drying (this is the case for air drying too) and simply “sit” the hair on top of the diffuser plate  to let it work its magic.

Between Washes

Another bonus of staying home… Less hair washing! Hooray! Not only is this great news for your hair it also gives you that extra time in bed on a morning. Now this doesn’t mean you have to settle for bad hair days in between washes. Re-applying your gel or mousse products will likely only saturate your hair making the curls heavy, rock hard or sticky and unmanageable. Instead consider a salt spray scrunched back through your locks. You can either lightly moisten your hair first with a water spray or simply spritz a veil of product over dry hair then scrunch gently and let it work its magic!

Salt Spray Products

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Words: Jenny Morrell

Images: courtesy of brands

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