Curly hair products to give you brilliant bounce

Free the Curls!

With staying in officially the new going out, has there ever been a better time to master the art of going au natural and letting your natural hair texture break free? If that idea fills you with the dread that your locks are going to be more 80s frizz than lockdown luxe we have our top tips for styling naturally curly hair at home that leaves the heat tools well and truly in quarantine!

Ditch the “Anti Frizz” 

I know this feels counterintuitive when your curls seem to be a mass of frizz however getting the products right when you wash your hair will make things easier for styling. Anti frizz shampoos, conditioners and serums definitely have a place for those of us with more naturally straight hair but the last thing you want for your curls is the added weight dragging down your locks. Use products in your regular washing routine that are specifically designed to hydrate and nourish curly hair as it often naturally quite dry which adds to its unruly tendencies!

Shampoos and Conditioner

Quench The Thirst

Once or twice a month switch out your regular curl conditioner for an intense hydration mask or treatment after shampooing. These products are typically left on anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and offer quench thirsty curls to encourage that natural bounce. Try to create a warm  environment for your hair while the treatment is on so that the cuticles open up and really soak in the goodness. You can do this by popping on a shower cap or even with a quick wrap of good old clingfilm! Keep the water lukewarm when rinsing as water that is too hot will dehydrate. 

If you have fine curls then look out for products that contain coconut or avocado oil as they are light and absorbed easily. They won’t leave a residue once rinsed out, or leave curls feeling weighed down either.

For thick and Afro-textured hair, richer ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and argan oil will really help to nourish your locks.

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By Jenny Morrell

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