Is it just me? I never want to get married again

We did it, we said yes! After around 10 months of planning, with what felt like the longest countdown in the world, our day finally arrived and it went off without a hitch (well almost). We were incredibly lucky. Getting engaged in the middle of Covid, we plumped for an August 2021 wedding and despite the stress of listening to and learning guidelines religiously, by the time it came to say ‘I do’, restrictions at weddings were almost entirely a distant memory.

We asked all our guests to flow test on the day and provided an abundance of hand sanitiser, masks and gloves – just in case anyone wanted to be extra diligent on the dance floor. We then surprisingly and promptly forgot Covid existed for a few brilliant hours.

The day was utterly wonderful, exhausting and a total whirlwind. At times I felt totally present and at others, like I was watching someone else’s life unfold. But it was, aside from the rain that threatened the outdoor ceremony (it stopped just as I started my walk down the makeshift aisle) and the downpour that meant our courtyard reception was a rather indoor affair, utterly perfect.

I’ve heard so many friends lament about how they wish they could do it all again. But I can say, hand on heart, once was enough for this now retired bride. I had a blast, we arranged a beautiful fiesta of fun and danced til we would could barely walk (seriously the muscle ache the next day was unreal). We drank a steady stream of margaritas that appeared at our table like a flowing river and ate the most amazing food. I got to wear not one, but two dresses and we brought together our friends and family to celebrate the day in our own unique way… and we think they all enjoyed themselves too!

But I never want to do it all again.

Photo credit: Antonia Kraskowski

Because, while the rain certainly put a (slight) downer on our meticulous planning and one or two absent friends and family were sorely missed, our wedding actually taught me not to chase perfection. Was I sad our courtyard didn’t get the sunshine it deserved – sure – we had Papel Picado, that Dan designed, cut and shipped from Mexico. And I definitely could have done without the pre-aisle walk brolly dash by guests, but it’s the chaos that makes us smile as we reminisce. Like many couples we wanted to create the perfect day, but while somethings didn’t go quite to plan, that doesn’t take away from the fact that at the end of it, we flopped into bed as man and wife.

I never want to get married again, even if the sun promised to shine, I’d never swap out those memories. We had our mish-mash of wet-dry weather perfection, and we’ll cherish it forever.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more details… the full wedding dress saga and a major shout out for some amazing suppliers we met along the way…

Photo: Antonia Kraskowski