8 Non-Fiction Books to Dive into this Autumn

Margaret Hussey gives you the run down on the non-fiction books to read this Autumn.

In the brilliantly entertaining Heiresses, Laura Thompson looks at the phenomenon of the heiress. There’s Mary Davies, a child bride at the age of twelve, who inherited London’s most valuable real estate, Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, fabulously pictured on the cover, who married seven times and died almost penniless, and femme fatale Alice de Janzé, who known for her promiscuity and drug taking, shot one of her lovers and was suspected of murdering a second. Their gilded lives were certainly not all they seemed.  

Heiresses, The Lives of the Million Dollar Babies, by Laura Thompson is out on September 2

In this deeply moving memoir, actor David Harewood examines the episodes of psychosis in his past. You feel his pain as he uncovers how he was treated not just as a mentally ill patient but also as a black man.

He writes movingly about his childhood in Birmingham, his father’s mental health issues and the people who supported him from RADA to Homeland.

As a black, working-class man with British and Caribbean heritage, Harewood often feels he doesn’t have a place. This book shows he very much does.

Maybe I Don’t Belong Here by David Harewood is out on September 2

In this beautiful, evocative new book chef Nigel Slater shares more than 200 of his favourite recipes. There’s everything from the first jam tart he made with his mum to his current foodie obsessions. 

He writes about how his cooking has changed over the years from the best way to roast a chicken to the trick to smooth aubergine mash. He recalls the first time he ate a baguette in Paris, his love of bright Japanese pickled radishes and his initial slice of buttercream-topped chocolate cake. 

Nigel Slater A Cook’s Book is out on October 14

She’s known for her razor-sharp wit and one-liners and now Katherine Ryan takes us behind the scenes, showing how she came from a small town in Canada to being one of the UK’s biggest comedy stars.

Chapters in The Audacity will cover How to Potty Train Your Baby at 10 Months, How to Cut Off Your Racist Aunties, How to Co-Parent When You’re a Single Mum and How to Marry Your High School Boyfriend – which she eventually did last year.

The Audacity by Katherine Ryan is out on September 30

With all royalties going to The Big Issue, Letter to My Younger Self is a beautiful book where celebrities share their wisdom over what life has taught them.

With more than 100 people from the world of entertainment, politics, food, and sport, the list includes Paul McCartney, Olivia Coleman, Mo Farah, Tracey Emin, Rod Stewart and Jamie Oliver.

And as well as learning some life lessons, you’ll be helping thousands of disadvantaged people across the UK.

Letter To My Younger Self, Jane Graham and The Big Issue is out on October 14

From starting as a market trader to becoming a stand-up comedian Rob Beckett navigates the world of class in this very funny book. In the luvvy world of television and comedy he’s very much the cockney geezer, but to his friends in the pub he’s oh so theatrical. Looking at what class means, he ponders when did it become normal for kids to eat sushi and why it will never be acceptable to serve pie and mash on a wooden board… 

A Class Act: Life as a Working-Class Man in a Middle-Class World by Rob Beckett is out on October 14

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing brings together 120 brand new recipes in his book Marcus’ Kitchen. Covering everything from easy lunches to indulgent brunches, late-night snacks to family feasts, seasonal produce is at its heart. Chapters include the art of slow-cooking and how to super-charge your staples and leftovers with recipes including the delicious sounding Nduja and Feta Ravioli and Peach, Radicchio and Smoked Almond Salad. Yum!

Marcus’ Kitchen: My Favourite Recipes to Inspire Your Home-Cooking by Marcus Wareing is out on October 28

Comedian Josh Widdicombe often jokes about his childhood growing up in the smallest town in Devon. And now he has put all those memories into a book. 

Part memoir, part nostalgia of 90s television and culture he covers everything from Brit Pop to Cool Britannia, dial-up tones to everyone watching the same things on television at the same time. Remember that?

Watching Neighbours Twice A Day.. How 90s TV (Almost) Prepared Me For Life by Josh Widdicombe is out on September 16