La DoubleJ is our fashion style crush

It was fate really, I don’t know how or why but Instagram threw up an advert for La DoubleJ as I was engaged in my usual morning scroll and while I normally swipe straight across, I was immediately curious. Now of course La DoubleJ is by no means a new brand. Stocked in the like of Harrods, La DoubleJ was founded 2015 by JJ Martin (hence the name), an LA-born journalist and vintage collector, who has made Milan her home. I’ll admit while it’s had some brilliant press, I’ve consistently missed the news but now I know about it… well I can’t stop thinking about it.

La DoubleJ is all about amazing colour and print. Embracing ‘living like an Italian’, the brand is fun, quirky and utterly chic. With fashion forward silhouettes, including chic shirt dresses and attention grabbing puffer coats, there’s lots of match-matchy prints as well as lots of print clash combinations too. These are statement clothes for people who do not want to fade into the background and I’ve decided I very much want to be part of the La DoubleJ tribe.

And of course it isn’t just the fashion pieces I want to gather and fill my wardrobe with, oh no. There is also an incredible selection of homeware pieces that stay true to the brand’s riotous colour, paired with useable and liveable shapes. Statement vases, heart-stopping tablewares and everything in between, La DoubleJ is a full lifestyle brand. You don’t just wear this label, you live it.

The brand launched as a shoppable magazine, peddling vintage clothing and jewellery but has since grown into an all-consuming hub of style and because this column is now essentially a fan account, I’ve rounded up 7 items I want to add to my basket right now.

  1. Happy Shiny People

Artemis DressHoli in Cotton Poplin, £650, La DoubleJ

All I do is look at this dress and I feel immediately happier about the state of the world. Fun, bright with a vintage feel, this shirt dress will work all year through. I love the boldness and the tiered detailing on the skirt and the cuffs.

2. In the Night Garden

Boom DressNight Garden in Faille, £820, La DoubleJ

Voluminous dresses and silhouettes are still very much on trend and this gorgeous floral dress would work really well for an evening black tie event or heading out to dinner.

3. Long and Sassy

Long and Sassy Dress, Lilium Turchese in Silk Twill, £695, La DoubleJ

I love that this dress is literally referred to as sassy, because that is 100% how I would feel wearing it. So many gorgeous dresses, so little time (and unfortunately not the current budget to shop them all).

4. Let’s Reverse It

St. Moritz JacketMatisse in Nylon, £945, La DoubleJ

The Style Life ALWAYS has a soft spot for a fancy puffer jacket and this printed version with knitted cuffs is reversible, so that’s essentially two coats, not quite a bargain but definitely helps us justify the old ‘cost per wear’ motto.

5. Boxy is Beautiful

Boxy Coat Jacquard Selva in Jacquard Selva, £1,150, La DoubleJ

If you had watched me write this, by now you’d see me bouncing around in my chair with excitement. This jacquard coat is absolutely sensational and I love that while you can mix and match with other pieces, there are pretty much partners in crime to every item so you can choose how you execute your print identity.

6. Homeware Heroes

Round Printed TrayBotanical in Wood, £70, La DoubleJ

Homeware more your vibe? I’m loving these wooden trays, great for serving up zingy cocktails to a crowd.

7. Pineapple Perfection

Big Pineapple Verde in Porcelain, £350, La DoubleJ

I am rarely excited by vases, even in my continuous flat-enhancing state but this pineapple inspired print has stolen my heart.

In conclusion, if like me, you’d missed the memo on La DoubleJ, we both have a lot of catching up to do, but it’s ok, you’ve had a good grounding now and it’s up to you to go forth, be merry and embrace as much print as possible.

imagery courtesy of La DoubleJ