New mum? Here’s six items other mums recommend

From keeping your cuppa warm to stopping the postman from seeing your pants, we asked new mums what their can’t-live-without items are.

Becoming a parent is a steep learning curve. From trying to decipher what your new baby’s wails mean to how to get through the bone crunching exhaustion, there’s a plethora of challenges that await when you bring your new baby home. We asked a selection of new mums to share the non-baby items that made those first weeks just a little bit easier for them in the hopes that they might make it easier for you too.

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1 Dressing gown ain’t dressing down

You are about to spend a lot of time in your pyjamas or an approximation of them post-birth. Chances are, there will be entire days that you will wander around in just giant pants and an old t-shirt, showers a distant memory as you tend to your tiny person’s every whim. Whether it’s keeping breezes at bay as you pace the nursery in the twilight hours or stopping the postman from seeing you in the aforementioned giant pants, a new dressing gown is the ideal item to treat yourself to.

2 #Sipsip

While refillable aluminium bottles have been a must-have for years, most have a conventional twist top design – if you’ve ever tried to open a it one handed, you’ll know that the struggle is real. Throw in a cranky baby and you’ll thank us when you can single-handedly open a flip top water bottle while jiggling a wiggly human. In-built straws are also great for those moments when you can’t lift a bottle but still need a drink. We love Frank Green’s fun ceramic bottles that come in a range of bright colours and sizes including a neon 1000ml version, £34.99. However, if your budget won’t stretch that far, Primark’s plastic version is a very affordable £2.50 and comes in four colours.

3 Tray amazing

When you have a newborn baby, the sheer volume of random paraphenalia that you find accumulating on your bedside table is immense and quickly leads to things scattering at inopportune moments (namely 2am just after you’ve got the baby to sleep, doh!). Step forward the folding tray table. Adding an extra surface for laptops, painkillers and bottles of water is invaluable, plus it can also be moved around easily from bedside to sofa-side in a pinch. This neutral wooden design from Habitat at Argos is only £12 and folds flat, meaning it’s perfect for storing under the bed or behind a door when not in use.

4 Charge it

There’s nothing worse than your phone or tablet dying during a night feed so make sure to invest in some extra long charger cables.

5 Hot stuff

Not just for lapping the park, thermal mugs are just as handy when you’re sitting on the sofa at home. Instead of reheating cold mugs endlessly, cut to the good bit by making your tea or coffee in a thermal mug when you’re at home for a drink that won’t cool before your eyes. Plus, the lid will mean you’re less likely to spill it down yourself. Looking for a boujee mug to make your morning coffee feel a bit more special? Then check out Saint Laurent’s stylish take on the travel mug.

6 Not a fluffy purchase

Okay, so we might’ve already been fans of these sheepskin-lined Birkenstocks (or Furkenstocks as we lovingly call them) but parenthood has elevated these to the ultimate investment – easy to slip on, snuggly and no need to swap between pairs for indoors and outdoors. Plus, if you manage to get out for a pedicure, these are the ultimate post-pamper footwear.

What item would you recommend to a new mum? Tell us in the comments below!

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