Zandra Rhodes launches a collection with Ikea

I’m writing this currently surrounded by unopened Ikea boxes.

I think many in the UK will admit, a home is not a home until you have traipsed through the Ikea market place, picking up items you probably shouldn’t or at least debated if you need another Billy bookcase.

Ikea is iconic to the British home and while we love the Ikea staples, surely you have a PAX right? we’re always excited when something significantly new is afoot and Zandra Rhodes collaborating with Ikea has certainly got our style senses twitching.

For those of you that don’t know, Zandra Rhodes is an iconic print and fashion designer, with a fabulous pink and orange museum in London Bridge that for many, keeps the learning of art and textile alive. Zandra is a legend. Her client list covers everyone from Princess Diana to Paris Hilton and it is with her design nouse that Zandra has always managed to keep her finger on the pulse. At 80 years young, she continues brighten up every collection she touches with her bold aethetic.

We’re so excited about Zandra collaborating with Ikea, because, as much as we love Ikea, with its mass and modular appeal, it can be devoid of colour and print. But when Zandra gets involved we’re 100% sure there is going to be something super zingy happening.

The collection, unsurprisingly is called KARISMATIS and is set to be a 26-piece collection available in stores globally from September 2021.

Be bold, be fabulous, be you!” is the sentiment for the collection and with Zandra involved, we’d expect nothing less. This is certainly set to be one for the colour lovers and we’re glad that Ikea have finally noticed that we don’t all want muted tones. In the world of fashion for over five decades, Zandra has bucket loads of brilliance and experience to pull from and this collection is certainly one that will turn heads.

But one thing it does still promise, aside from fun, is functionality, something we all love Ikea for.

Such is Zandra’s boldness, that her first collection piece is a rework of Ikea’s classic blue bag, also known as FRAKTA. Zandra’s take on the classic is in hot pink and perfectly marries fashion and function. The playful pleated edge and curved shape is sure to be a hit, we predict seeing these everywhere in the coming season (we certainly have our eyes on one). Look out for the gorgeously printed rugs and soft furnishings, as well as quirky vases that will add a touch of Zandra magic to your home.

All imagery courtesy of Ikea. Check your local store for stock before going. See the collection here