Is It Worth It? Sebastian Professional No.Breaker Leave-in Spray

Wondering if that beauty trend or product you’ve spotted is worth it? At The Style Life, we’re ready to be your (human) guinea pig* and test it out so that you don’t have to.

(*No guinea pigs were harmed in the writing of Is It Worth It? investigative process)

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Is It Worth It? Sebastian Professional No.Breaker Leave-in Spray

Hair feeling frazzled after extensive hot tools and chemical treatments? After months of down time for our hair, the reopening of society has meant that our previously well-rested hair is now being bleached, curled and ironed into submission once more. If, like Antonia, you’re not a fan of conditioner, chances are your mane is looking dry and more like hay than hair with the reintroduction of having to, well, make an effort.

What Is It?

Step in Sebastian Professional No.Breaker Leave-in Spray. Part-styling spray, part-fortifying spray, this is the hybrid product your hair has been looking for. The product works to fortify weakened hair, smoothing the cuticle and restoring the look of dry, damaged hair.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple – wash your hair as normal. Shake the bottle before use and spray evenly from roots to ends from about 15cm away. Blow dry your hair as normal. Use once a week.

How much is it?

At £32.60, it’s certainly not cheap but using it once a week means that a 100ml bottle will last for several months.

Okay, but is it actually worth it?

According to our tester: Absolutely. While many might hesitate to fork out over £30 on a product without trying it, Sebastian Professional No.Breaker Leave-in Spray is up there on our Is It Worth It tick list.

Antonia says: ‘I usually have to drag a Tangle Teezer through my wet hair and then again when it’s dry to separate the knots that form. After the first time I applied it, I didn’t need to do round two of combing. After three weeks of using it regularly and figuring out just how much to spray in, my hair is transformed. Now when I wash my hair and spray, I can easily comb through with just my fingers. My hair dries straighter and smoother; it also feels much healthier, as opposed to knotty and dry. Unlike many conditioning and fortifying products, when I heat style my hair the curls don’t fall out as my hair doesn’t feel slippery.’

Click below to see the before and after video!

Got a burning question for our guinea pigs? Drop us a line at with suggestions of what you’d like us to trial!

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