Is it just me? Where are all the salary brackets on job adverts

Our anonymous job hunter returns with her latest gripe

My heart flutters every time a LinkedIn (or other job searching site) notification pings into my inbox. What opportunities lie within it? Could my dream job be inside?

I can tell you what won’t be in there 99% of the time. A salary bracket. If you’ve looked for a job over the last year or so, you’ll notice that it seems no longer on-trend to be upfront with potential employees about finances, with salaries nearly always left out of a job description. 

The list of requirements from potential candidates often seem endless and certainly on average demand years of experience but while brands are quick to tell you what they want, the closest you’ll find to a remuneration is ‘competitive’.

Now of course we all want to be fulfilled in our work, but whoever said ‘Enjoy your job and you’ll never work a day in your life’, clearly did not have bills to pay. Withholding salary details on a job description feels very much like the Hunger Games. It seems to me that companies are vying for workers desperation and a lack of transparency, honestly is pretty worrying when choosing a new place to spend the majority of your time. They know they have to pay you, so why not save everyone some time and just be upfront about what they’ve budgeted for the role?

If you’ve applied to any jobs recently, you’ll know that potential employers freely ask for current and expected salary, this information can be used to work out who they feel they can accommodate going forward. But why should the ball be left firmly in their court? For each job you apply for, a CV rewrite and a covering letter is pretty much a necessity, but why should potential employees be investing all that time, when firms nearly always know what salary they’re willing to offer but don’t feel the need to share? Equally, if a job you love comes up that you might very well be willing to take a cut for, you should have the opportunity to make that assessment. And when asked for your ‘salary expectation’, is it just me who panics and shaves a grand or two off to make myself feel more appealing?

I’m trying to see it from a hiring point of view and all I can assume is that some companies are just embarrassed by their remuneration scale compared to what they are asking for? Is it that some positions that list ‘required skills’ that might take years to build are looking to pay no more than an entry level salary? And in the current job market are simply hoping that there will be enough desperation to take it? Is it fair and honest to expect anyone to jump through hoops, only to tell someone, ‘we have someone with more closely matched skills’, when it’s potentially just because you asked for what you and the work required are actually worth?

Looking for a job is a mental health nightmare. The stress can be unimaginable, especially when time is truly of the essence, but while you have to be truthful on your CV it seems that job ads could do with some updates too. 

It might just be me, but I don’t believe any job advert should be posted without a salary bracket, this would save job seekers hours of mental anguish and physical time and they should be at the heart of the recruitment process.

Feature image: Business Vectors by Vecteezy