Adidas launch period proof gym wear

We all know keeping girls engaged in sport is a challenge. Around the time girls hit puberty is also when they’re most likely to start sitting out on the sidelines. From body hangups to periods, there are host of reason why girls start exiting sport around high school age but a greater push towards body positivity and improved access to and creation of period products will hopefully encourage more girls to keep active.

But this isn’t just a teenage girl issue. Even once girls enter adulthood, staying on track with fitness and exercise around your period can be tricky. Putting period pain aside, the fear of leakages during a high octane HITT workout in the gym is certainly a reasonable concern; Scared to jump on the saddle for a spin class during your time of the month? Honestly, you aren’t alone.

And while the market for period proof underwear has absolutely boomed with everyone from specialist brands like Thinx to high street retailers like Primark getting involved, no major sportswear brand has tackled the workout issue… until now.

Sportswear giant adidas have launched their first gym collection that is there to ensure you can ‘Stay in Play’ even on your period. Using their Techfit fabrication, adidas has created Period Proof Tights that use absorbent layers and a leakproof membrane to help protect from leaks, with an adidas Flow Shield – a three-layer pad that wicks and absorbs. And when worn with a tampon, pad or cup, your days of sitting on the sidelines are over.

 There are currently two basic products in the range, but hopefully, if the line is successful, the brand will extend the range into different colours and products.

adidas – who also carry a plus size collection – sell the new period proof biker shorts and leggings up to a size 2XL, which is not quite as large as the 3XL size they carry up to in their plus range, but we’re happy they’re going to a 2XL too and hopefully, if demand is there they will extend the sizing further.



While adidas are the first major sportswear brand to tackle the issue, there are other products on the market, particularly from brands that have specialised in period underwear.

Three other period-proof legging options…

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