Listen: The Friday Life

We’re joining the cool kids on Spotify

Every week, we’ll be bringing you a new playlist, starting with The Friday Life this week. They say that every good song tells a story, well, so does this playlist.

Sit back and allow us to tell you a little story about our former lives. When we worked on the fifth floor, our former fashion team had a tradition led by our very enthusiastic then-intern-later-assistant Katy. Every Friday just after lunch, Katy would step up to play DJ for the fashion floor, demanding we send her our requests. Very rarely was anything off limits, the only requirement was that the tune you submitted had to be a certified banger. Peter Andre Mysterious Girl? Banger. Hanson Mmmbop? A bop. Beanie Man? Turn it up.

Much like the pressure you face when someone suggests you hook up your Spotify at a house party, we would scramble to get in our requests. As we debated what would be good enough, the first track of the afternoon to be played would undoubtedly be Intoxicated by Martin Solveig, a marker drawn in the proverbial sand while Katy bounced behind her desk waving her arms enthusiastically in the air. Friday Bangers had officially begun.

If your selected song was deemed to be below par, you would be gleefully shamed by Katy shouting (in her broad Northern tones) NO ANTONIA, NOOOO THAT IS NOT A BANGER much to the amusement of the rest of the floor. For shame if your selection did not make the #FridayBangers cut, for there were very clear standards.

No matter how bad of a week we’d collectively had, those final few hours of the working week would fly by, punctuated by the occasional dance break (naturally) before 5pm rolled round and we duly rolled out to the pub. And while such dancing behaviour probably isn’t something you can get away with in most offices, newspapers are a funny place to work.

If you’ve returned to your office desk, we appreciate that dance breaks may be limited; nor will you probably be able to blast these tunes out but grab some headphones and have a discreet little desk boogie instead. For the rest of us working from home, turn up the dial and shake it out for our inaugural playlist, The Friday Life – curated, of course, by Katy.

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