“Mirror, Mirror”: The ten stylish mirrors we’re loving right now

Mirrors definitely used to be seen as a more of a ‘practical’ piece of homeware. Their primary function was very much to make sure you didn’t leave the house looking like you’d literally just fallen out of bed and got dressed in the dark. But in recent years mirrors have enjoyed a new lease of life and have become part of the design fabric of a room and in many cases like a piece of artwork hanging on the wall.

In practical terms, every home needs at least one full length mirror. If you have not got one yet, we implore you to do so. It’s important to be able to see yourself in full in an outfit and you should get know and be comfortable with your reflection. Of course consider where you place the mirror in your house, you want it to be well lit but equally think about the times of day you will need it and if the sun will reflect and disrupt you using it during key times.

When it comes to mirrors and interior design, smaller and more decorative pieces are great in series of odd numbers or used instead of artwork. Larger mirrors can really help to make a room feel bigger and help to open up a space, but do be conscious of your room to mirror ratio. 

Traditionally mirrors will be hung to a wall, but a large, leaned mirror can make for quite a statement piece and create a focal point in a room. Smaller mirrors dotted around reflect the surroundings and can make your home feel bigger without any structural changes needed. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite mirrors out right now. From bedroom perfect pieces, to statement styles and pretty wall mounted pieces, there is something for everyone. 

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A full length mirror, preferably in the bedroom, is a must! We love this one for the extra hanging space around the back of the mirror, great for propping up smaller accessories, or perhaps for hanging your outfit for the next day on before you get into bed.

Ikornnes standing mirror, £99, Ikea

Rattan has seeped into every aspect of interior design, ensuring that mirrors were given the same woven finish too. We love the artisanal feel of this piece.

Catana black and natural woven rattan mirror, £60, Habitat

Talk about a style statement! This stunning mirror has a beautiful art deco feel and feels more like a sculptural centre piece than just your everyday make-up check pit stop.

Striped glass wall mirror, £449, John Lewis and Partners

Window panelled styled mirrors are perfect for making a room feel larger. While of course they reflect their surroundings, their window style makes it seem as if your enlarging the space and letting the outdoors in, just a clever little trick.

Grey arched window mirror, £335, Graham and Green

Great for a bathroom, this clever mirror has concealed storage behind it, making it a brilliant buy for those who need to maximise every inch of space.

Black rectangle hidden storage wall mirror, £79.50, Oliver Bonas

We love a style statement and this owl topped mirror does just that. The uninterrupted, large mirror panel will really help to enlarge your space and while this piece is brand new it has gorgeous vintage styling that makes it feel like a long forgotten but much loved find.

Owl wooded manor mirror, £998, Anthropologie

If you loved the velvet and gold armchairs in our recent accent chair feature, then this deco inspired mirror could be the perfect team mate for your scalloped edged seating. Again, we have seen the 1920’s as a huge influence in furniture design over the past five years and this style works really well with mirrors. We love the scalloped edging on this Dunelm piece, a style steal at just £80.

Equatorial full length mirror in gold, £80, Dunelm

Earlier we mentioned this idea of mirrors not just being practical anymore, but used instead of prints and artwork. This Maisons du Monde piece is the perfect example of this trend.

Landsmeer gold metal mirror, £27.50, Maisons du Monde

Sunburst style mirrors were the thing of summer 2020 and we predict that this craft inspired trend will be sticking around. We love the way this has been styled with a play on proportion and colour.

Nobu vintage sunburst rattan mirror, £75, La Redoute

Nobu black cane sunburst mirror, £42, La Redoute

Great for lounges, bedrooms or large hallways, this very clean cut and simple mirror still packs a punch due to its sheer size. Great for those who want a very modern execution to their interiors.

Belmond Accent Mirror, was £164.99 now £144.99, Wayfair

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