Dry January… here’s what to replace your favourite tipple with

If you’re doing Dry January, or just want to cut back, Margaret Hussey has rounded up some brilliant low and non-alcoholic drinks that are packed with flavour. 

Oui, je t’aime

Kombuchas are having a moment and we love this sparkling offering from J’aime. The fermented tea drink is made in small batches from a unique combination of four of the world’s most exceptional white and green teas – Snow Bud, Jasmine Huang Shan Ya, Sencha and Jasmine Ying Zhen Silver Needle. It’s so refreshing, can be matched with all kinds of food – and it’s less than three calories per can.

A 230ml six-can case costs £17.70 or a 12-can case £29.98 direct from J’aime j-aimedrinks.com

Pretty in pink 

How pretty and eye-catching is this Love Bird duo from Lyre’s? The non-alcoholic drinks, which capture the essence of a gin, comprise a Pink London and Dry London packed with flavour. The Pink London has rose, cherry and blackberry flavour with a backdrop of juniper. While the Dry London has more earthy tones with flavours of juniper and citrus. They are also vegan.

The Love Bird set costs £44.65. For more visit lyres.co.uk 

Cordial greetings 

Jukes Cordialities give you so much that wine does when it comes to the palate and finish – but without the hangover. They are low calorie, vegan and made with apple cider vinegar at their core. The brainchild of acclaimed wine writer Matthew Jukes and Jack Hollihan, you can find them everywhere from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental to Tate Modern and Tate Britain. They also come beautifully packaged in a box with 9 x 30ml bottles.

A Jukes Box costs £35. For more visit jukescordialities.com

Bubble up 

Classico Grande 750ml

An award-winning refreshing drink in its own right, the Classico Grande from Lyre’s would be great for parties or family celebrations. The non-alcoholic fizz has green apple tartness with pear, peach and red apple flavours. It looks the part too and would make a perfect gift for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

The Classico Grande costs £9.99. For more visit lyres.co.uk

Strike it lucky

The Germans know a thing or two about brewing beer – and Lucky Saint, brewed in Bavaria, is no exception. Founder Luke Boase quit his job and headed to Germany, knocking on doors until he found a brewer who shared his vision. Made using only the finest ingredients, the lager doesn’t compromise on taste. And it has 0.5 per cent ABV, alcohol by volume, which apparently is the same as a ripe banana.

A case of 12 330ml bottles costs £25. For more visit luckysaint.co

Quarter master 

Straddling between full-strength and low alcohol drinks, comes Quarter. This new range of spirits is distilled at 12%, a quarter of the volume of most gins, so ideal if you are not fully doing Dry January, but slightly soggy… Quarter’s G/N is made in the traditional London Dry-style via copper-pot distillation and infused with predominantly juniper, a variety of other botanicals and a hint of citrus from grapefruit and orange. 

Quarter G/N costs £27. For more visit quarterproof.com

feature image: Quarter, courtesy of brand. All images: Courtesy of brands