Is It Just Me: To Crocs or not to Crocs? That is the question…

Antonia and I might be great pals but we don’t always agree when it comes to stylistic choices.

With Crocs announcing a new collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist, DJ, and producer Diplo, complete with illuminating mushroom Jibbitz™ (the little charms you can attached to classic Crocs clogs). We pose each other the question… Crocs or no Crocs? Which camp do you fall into? Clog queens or hoping to send the bulky shoe straight to room 101? Make sure to answer our survey at the end of the article.

The new Crocs x Diplo collaboration features swirly prints and illuminating mushroom Jibbitz™ (image credit: Crocs / Crocs x Diplo)


I have to admit, when it comes to Crocs, I admire their sheer tenacity to launch style after style of garish clog. As I scroll through the site (did you know they do platform versions now!) I really am a little baffled as to where one wears Crocs other than the beach or the garden. However, there is no denying that they are incredibly successful with over 600mm pairs of shoes sold globally since they opened their doors in 2002 and have carefully crafted their image and collaborations to somehow quietly sneak into fashion consciousness (Christopher Kane collaborations anyone?!) without as much of a foam resin squeak.

Although Crocs have evolved dramatically and now house a host of more wearable sandal style shoes, the clog remains the iconic silhouette of the brand.

Classic Clogs, £39.99, Crocs – Love them or hate them, you can’t deny their popularity

I’ll happily admit that until lockdown, I shared Antonia’s horror at the bulbous resin shoe, but just as we headed into March 2020, I was gifted a pair (thanks) for the Liberty of London collaboration and while I originally let them gather dust in the corner of my office, on one nondescript day I decided to slide my feet into them out of sheer curiosity. And that is how my Crocs journey began. Will I ever wear them outside of my house or garden? Almost certainly not on purpose. But have they become my go to, just-nipping-into-the-garden-to-see-some-pals shoes. Yes. I might not own a single tracksuit trouser (aside from this platform, my proudest lockdown achievement) but I will happily rock my bright pink clogs, even if it’s just to upset Antonia.


Karl Lagerfeld famously said that sweatpants were a sign of defeat, that one had lost control of life. The Kaiser had clearly never lived through a global pandemic but I think that if he were still here, he’d be adding the monstrosity that are Crocs to his list.

When I see otherwise stylish friends suddenly rocking rubber duck shoes, a little bit of me dies. I don’t care if they’re Christopher Kane, limited edition Liberty of London (sorry Rivkie) or simply really comfortable as they all swear to me; I’m sorry but your cool points are now negative, please leave the style set.

Of course, there are some people I will make exceptions for – medical professionals and young children? By all means, carry on with your comfy-but-clumpy footwear. Secret indoors-only Crocs wearers who kick them off the second the doorbell goes? Please continue as long as all evidence is gone before you open your front door to me.

But those who think Crocs are suddenly socially acceptable for anywhere other than the beach? Think again.

There are plenty of new habits that we’ve formed in the last 16 months that we will carry through into this brave new world – hello, flexible working, sweatpants and not showering unless we’re going outside but ugly shoes? To put it bluntly, the world has seen enough horror, we don’t need your sweaty feet thrown into the confusion as we navigate reentering society.

If you think these foam resin horrors are welcome in the new outside world, please think again. There are some things that no matter how hard they try, will never be cool or even acceptable in my eyes – sorry Diplo, I hope you enjoy that pay cheque because not even you could make me change my mind.

Don’t forget to tell us where you stand on the great Crocs debate – are you a lover or a hater?

Imagery: Crocs x Diplo / Available US and Canada only / Crocs

Feature image: Crocs