Is It Just Me: I think my potential boss just ghosted me…

Words: Anonymous

Notes from The Style Life: We know that the job market is tough right now and chatting to friends looking for work we have heard some pretty out there interview stories and some interesting recruitment processes. We think it’s really important to talk about the stresses of job searching, so we’ve asked some friends to share some of their experiences with us and of course, we will share some of our own. If you’ve got a job hunt tale you want us to share, even anonymously like the one below, then get in touch

The more I’ve looked for a new job, the more I’ve come to realise that the process of finding one is very much like dating. 

Like modern ‘romance’ apps, such as Tinder and Bumble, there is the initial thrill of the chase. 

You spend hours trawling through LinkedIn, bookmarking and saving potential job roles to explore. You allow yourself to imagine the possibilities each new advert holds. 

After a while, you narrow it down and head back to your favourites list. 

You pore over each profile.

Should you take the plunge? Apply, rewrite your CV for the umpteenth time? 

Should you connect with the recruiter? Is that too forward? Oh the possibilities. 

You take the plunge, you metaphorically swipe to the right. 

You upload your CV, you’ve rewritten the cover letter and you send it all off. 

Much like dating apps, then, you wait, will they connect with you? 

How much of the job description was really true? 

Is the salary actually competitive or, in a jobs market ravished by Covid, are they expecting your extensive skillset for a cut price? 

Only time will tell. 

Sometimes weeks go past. But suddenly, there it is… an email back from the recruiter. Finally. 

You hesitate, should you open it now? Should you wait? 

You’ve got an interview, hurrah. 

It’s usually short notice because despite the fact you applied weeks ago, filling the role is now very urgent. 

You cancel your plans and prepare. 

You interview well, it’s all gone to plan. 

Of course much like dating, one date is not enough to decide your fate and so you schedule more interviews, there will probably be tasks too. They will of course take an extraordinary amount of your time. As you’re trying to woo your potential employer, you must over-perform in this task and so, you pour every hour of that weekend into the in-depth task. 

You hand the work in, earlier than requested, but not too early because you don’t want to come over too keen. Receipt is acknowledged and while you understand you’re not exclusive yet, they’re still looking around, you’re confident you’ll score at least one more date, even out of politeness. 

And then… nothing. 

Three weeks pass, then four. You check your messages, over and over. You search the recruiters name, maybe you just missed their email, how rude you’ll seem. But no, nothing.

You’ve been ghosted. 

Image: MoonStarer Vecteezy (Business Vectors by Vecteezy)