Is It Worth It? The Face Bra

Wondering if that beauty trend or product you’ve spotted really is worth it? At The Style Life, we’re ready to be your (human) guinea pigs* and test it out so that you don’t have to. The products you see reviewed here are bought by our guinea pigs unless otherwise stated and we will always endeavour to give honest reviews.

(* No guinea pigs were harmed in the Is It Worth It? investigative process)

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Is It Worth It? The Face Bra

Let’s be honest: the last 15 months of lockdowns have been a cycle of comfort eating, lack of exercise and staring at screens for most of us, which when combined haven’t exactly been kind to us, physically or mentally.

While many of us have noticed our waistlines softening, our jawlines have also taken a hit in the last year. Without proper office chairs and eyeline-to-screen alignment, many of us have found ourselves hunched over, staring downwards at a laptop screen which puts a slow but insistent pressure on our jowls, neck and under-chin muscles, causing premature slackening.

But fear not, saggy-chinned friends because the Face Bra is here to reinstate your jawline to its former glory. Apparently.

(image: Face Bra)

What is it?

Essentially, the Face Bra is a compression garment for your lower face. Made of rubbery foam with a reinforced panel that sits under your chin, you strap the device around your face using the velcro tabs until you look like a 1980s cartoon character with toothache but substituting cotton bandages for a slightly sweatier foam contraption, often in a lurid shade of pink.

You will look not dissimilar to Mr Bean with toothache while wearing the Face Bra (image: youtube)

How does it work?

Worn for 40 minutes a day, the Face Bra claims to reduce your chin fat by up to 1cm after just one wear.

How much is it?

The original Face Bra ( costs from as little as £14.55 and of course, where there is success, others often follow. The trend originated in South Korea where the device is vastly popular – people even wear their masks to the mall.

Okay but does it actually work?

In a nutshell, yes. Our tester who has had a lifetime of slackness under her chin saw results immediately after just one wear of the Face Bra. In terms of faffing, there’s hardly any –  once you’ve strapped yourself in, carry on with your day as normal – watch some Netflix, read a book but maybe just try to avoid answering your front door to stop inquisitive looks from the Postman. Check out the images below if you don’t believe us!

Left: before; Right: after 40 minutes of wearing the Face Bra

One tip that we’d like to offer to anyone who is keen to give the Face Bra a go – add a small square of toilet paper or kitchen roll between your chin and the strap to avoid uncomfortable slippery-ness on warmer days where the Face Bra can, err, get a little sweaty.

Got a burning question for our guinea pigs? Drop us a line at with suggestions of what you’d like us to trial or leave a comment below.

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