10 cafetières to improve your work-from-home coffee game

Having being OOO technically since March, it’s funny the little things you miss. As my commute switched from the Northern Line to crossing the living room, there was no longer a coffee pitstop on my way. Gone were the baristas and the frothy milk and in were the constant cups of tea instead. While some might easily switch up their brew to instant, when it comes to coffee I’m not even ashamed to say I’m a little bit of a snob and a glass jar of granules simply won’t do it for me. While coffee pod machines have become a savvy way of getting your coffee shop fix from your own kitchen, you really can not beat a fresh pot of coffee. I tried this in the office on previous occasions, but the mixture of a far away kitchen and messy cleaning soon put an end to the escapade. But now, essentially my own office manager I can whizz up as many pots of coffee as I like. 

If you too are looking for a way to up your home-making coffee game and don’t want the expense of a machine and prefer a more authentic taste then you should invest in a cafetière. 

In truth, nowadays there isn’t much investment needed. With a growing popularity and better coffee readily available the cafetière is quite common place and can be picked up for as little as £5. Leaving you the rest of your budget to spend on high quality beans of course! 

From a high steal to a designer blowout, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourite cafetières that are available right now. And don’t forget, they make a great gift too for the coffee lover in your life. 

Scroll to the bottom for my three favourite ground coffees too!

Brew Cafetière, £160, Tom Dixon

Let’s be honest, Tom Dixon takes the most basic of kitchen gadgets and elevates it to art level. The entire coffee collection which includes a brew stove top coffee maker, milk pans, coffee caddy and coffee scoops is nothing short of beautiful. For those who want to take their morning caffeine hit to a stylish new height, then Tom Dixon is the place to shop. 

Le Creuset cafetière with metal press 1, £57, Fenwick

If you’re already slowly building a Le Creuset collection, then consider adding their metal press to your collection. Like the wider range the press is available in several colours and is certainly the sort of piece you want to keep on your kitchen counter. 

Double wall stainless steel cafetière 8 cups, £35, John Lewis & Partners

If you’re not the only coffee drinker in the house, or you have a serious habit, the 8 cup, 1Litre cafetière should certainly hit the spot. The double wall ensures your brew will stay nice and hot too.

Upphetta coffee/tea maker, £5, Ikea

Anything everyone else does, Ikea can do cheaper. This one person coffee pot is great for keeping to hand during long work-from-home days. Cute, cheap and functional. 

Caffettiera, coffee maker 8 cup, was £30.90 now £19.95, Bodum

Another brand who loves to put a little fashionable twist on coffee products, Bodum injects lashings of style without breaking the bank. I particularly love this range for the selection of pastel tones the cafetière comes in. From pale blue to lilac and gorgeous cream, take your coffee with a side of style. 

La Cafetière Edited Thermique French Press Coffee Maker, £29.66, Wayfair

I love the brush gold effect on this cafetière, this is going to look absolutely gorgeous on the table too once I can have people back over for brunch. With the Thermique double walled design the coffee will stay hot too.

Espro P7 cafetière matte black, £105, Borough Kitchen

Available in two sizes (530ml and 950ml) the Espro is one of the chicest cafetières I’ve seen. The matte black finish is extremely elegant. This stylish coffee maker is heading toward ornament territory it’s so beautiful.

3 cup plastic cafetière black, £7, Argos

Great for everyday brewing, this Argos plastic cafetière will certainly do the job. It might not be artistic but it is a great price and makes 3 cups. 

Wilko 800ml copper effect cafetière, £10, Wilko 

Want the copper effect in homage to the likes of Tom Dixon without breaking the bank? Well don’t worry, Wilko have you covered. This bad boy has bags of style and is just £10, total style win. 

Copper Coated 350ml Cafetière, £12.99, Robert Dyas

This copper coated cafetière is cute and charming. The lattice work is pretty chic and gives this piece a really vintage inspired aesthetic. A stylish bargain buy from Robert Dyas. 

But what to drink?

While you could go all out and grab yourself a grinder for that fresh bean to cup feeling, I’m pretty good with having someone else do the hard work for me. I am however fussy about the kind of coffee I drink, so these are my current three favourite ground coffees…

Good coffee doesn’t come cheap I’m afraid and you don’t get better than Blue Mountain as far as I’m concerned. It is the smoothest coffee going and the only one I enjoy drinking black. If you’re ever heading to Jamaica definitely stock up on this in the supermarket, but honestly Blue Mountain coffee is so smooth, has none of that acidic after taste and is a total delight.

I’ve popped three options of where and how to get JBM in the UK and I love the Coffeegram subscription service, so clever! I think I might need to treat myself soon as I still have one bag left from a trip to Jamaica. The great thing about Coffeegram too is that they also JBM in pod form, so you can get the BM hit however you take your coffee.


Featured image: Tom Dixon

Further Images: courtesy of brands